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Legal relationship of transactions

  • Transactions on this site: If you transact any business with us or through this website, you may be asked to agree to another set of terms and conditions relating to that particular transaction before you can proceed, such as a licence agreement. Unless so requested or otherwise indicated, then these Terms apply also to any such transaction or contract arising from that transaction.
  • Disputes: If for any reason a dispute arises in respect of this website or the conditions of its use or access or content then the laws of Australia shall apply to resolution or claims in relation to that dispute, irrespective of your location or place or residence.



  • Although we aim to ensure the content on this website is up-to-date, there may be delays, errors or omissions that could affect its currency or accuracy. We may change the content on this website at any time without notice. Also, as the internet is inherently insecure, we can’t guarantee the security of data contained on the website. Some transactions on this website may be effected using cloud  facilities, for which Ai Group cannot be held responsible in respect of any access or recovery of data issues.
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  • If, despite the previous two paragraphs, a court says that we are liable to you, that liability will be limited (at our election) to either re-supplying the affected service or content to you or if a sale transaction has occurred, refunding what you have paid us for it.


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  • The Trustee is a subsidiary of Ai Group and therefore the Commonwealth of Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 as amended applies to the Trustee.  Ai Group’s policy is available from www.aigroup.com.au.
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  • Ai Group has a dispute resolution and complaints process in respect of privacy issues for all its related entities and all serious issues may be referred to Privacy@aigroup.com.au or directly to the OAIC at www.oaic.gov.au.


Web assistance

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Applicable law

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